twelve16photography: Brian & Hannah’s Nashville Engagement {1/18/14}

Sweet Hannah & Brian’s Engagement photos taken in the 12th South district of Nashville, TN.

Funny story about Brian: I (Dolly) have known Brian since my summer doing Mission work in China in 2007 where he was doing full-time teaching at a school in Xian. We were laughing yesterday because the last time we really hung out was when our group of friends went on a 10,000 mile hike (okay it wasn’t 10,000 miles…but it felt like it took FOREVER) in this forest reserve outside of Xian. While on the hike, we all discovered a hidden waterfall off the path/trail, and we all decided to have lunch right next to the water fall while sitting on a rock which looked like an ‘island’ because it was in the middle of this giant lake next to the waterfall! The funny part of this story blurb is, that was the last time I have ever taken pictures of Brian (because we all decided to do a “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” Photo Shoot-since we WERE in China!)  So it’s very cool to me that I had the blessing of getting to be a part of his and Hannah’s special day together! 

ANYWAY…here are their precious pictures! They were a very funny couple to work with, we laughed the whole time! Thank you Brian and Hannah for using Twelve16Photography for your Engagement photos! We hope you enjoy them!

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GOD bless! Love, Twelve16Photography 🙂