Twelve16Photography: Joy To The World-A Christmas Portrait Session with The Sheahen Family

Thank you Sheahen Family for using Twelve16Photography for your Christmas portraits! I (Dolly) had a blast working with your family again! Lindsay and I love your family so much, and we are in prayer for you all in this adoption process for sweet Lulah.  READERS: To learn more about The Sheahen’s journey, please go to:

Happy Holidays! GOD bless!

Twelve16Photography Family Portrait Session: The McDonald Family (Nashville, TN)

Today, Twelve16Photography had the opportunity of shooting not one, but two, family photo sessions at Sevier Park (located in the 12th south district of Nashville, TN) early this morning! The McDonald Family was my (Dolly’s) photo session #2 of the morning, and it was such a delight getting to know sweet Mary Carol (who, by the way, just turned 2!) It was also great getting to know this family of three, because I had no idea that Mark McDonald (Father) works with me at Lipscomb University! So we had a fun time discussing everything about the Engineering Department in between all the photos taken!

Overall, it was such a beautiful Fall morning at Sevier Park, and precious Mary Carol was all smiles because she enjoyed the atmosphere of the park and the company of her parents! Thank you McDonald family for using Twelve16Photography to capture your family’s Fall portraits! We had alot of fun, and we hope you enjoy your photos! Happy Viewing, and Happy Fall!

God bless! Twelve16Photography 🙂

twelve16photography maternity/family portraits: The Burleson’s

With Baby #2 on its way, Bridger turning 3 at the end of this Month,  & Christmas (The Holiday Season) just around the corner, The Burleson’s definitely utilized this morning in taking their family portraits, maternity portraits and toddler portraits to all roll up into one Session! (Smart, huh?)

I (Dolly) am a little biased towards this family because I have known Nicoll since the beginning of time (1985-present), and since her and her family live in Hermitage, TN, I feel so blessed to get to watch her family grow and flourish! When Nicoll asked me if Twelve16Photography could do all three sessions rolled up into one (maternity, toddler, and family portraits) I loved that idea because meeting up at three separate times would prove to be rather difficult since we both have such different schedules! {And…working with toddlers can be pretty difficult ESP when they are done taking photos after two takes, and you still have 45 minutes left of a session with them!} Thankfully we had breaks between sessions with Bridger where he could go play in the field nearby with his Daddy, while Nicoll and I worked on her Maternity/Belly pictures! Everyone was happy then!

Nicoll and Justin are actually going to be surprised with Baby #2 (just like they did with Bridger), so stay tuned until November 2013 to find out the gender!  I cannot wait to find out what the gender is (I am literally bursting at the seams) because I really want to make so many fun things for this baby from DollybyDesign, but I will have to patiently wait along with the Grandparents, the Family, and the Friends who are also waiting to find out! But boy, I can say for a fact that this baby is already loved deeply, and, he or she, is going to be BLESSED beyond measure because they are going to be raised in a home with parents (and a big brother) who love GOD deeply, and love each other deeply!

Thank you Burleson family for using Twelve16Photography once again for your portraits this morning! We hope you enjoy them, and we love you very much!

The LORD bless you and keep you and your family close to HIS heart!

Love, Twelve16Photography 🙂

twelve16photography #tbt favorite: The Stoffregen’s

I haven’t been able to post anything new this week due to my (Dolly’s) travels on the road in Arkansas/Memphis/& Jackson.  So I figured as a fun post I would do a #tbt (throw back Thursday) photo of one of my favorite sessions from this past Summer of 2013 with The Stoffregen family (before Jubrey, their daughter, was born)!

This has to be, by far, one of my most favorite photos from that session because of everyone’s expressions captured! For those of you who may not know The Stoffregen’s here is a little info on them: they live in Jackson, TN and Jake is an incredible husband, father, and provider of this household. Even though he juggles so much in his life, he still makes time for his son (Cullin), and it’s very evident how much of an impact he is already making on his son. Cullin’s face literally brightens up every-time he looks at his father, and that is a huge blessing to witness how much of an impact a godly (and present) father makes on a family that is still so young! Now I can’t forget to give a huge shout out to Shea! I am a little biased towards this godly woman, because she has been in my life since my years in Montana (so over 25 years)! I have watched Shea grow from being an annoying little red-headed sister who wanted to do everything with me and Nicoll (Shea’s older sister) in Bozeman, to blossom into a confident, caring, nurturing, funny, and calm wife, mother, and friend! Shea is an amazing mother, and Cullin doesn’t know this yet, but he is going to be one funny little dude once he picks up on his mother’s humor! Shea and Jake are two God-fearing parents who are wanting and willing to lead Cullin (and now Jubrey) into a life of joy and abundance in a loving home! I think this picture really captures ALOT of their personalities…but it also shares a moment of a young family who are bound together by a deep and committed Love (Christ’s)!


Twelve16Photography loves you Jake, Shea, Cullin & Jubrey! 🙂