twelve16photography: Brian & Hannah’s Nashville Engagement {1/18/14}

Sweet Hannah & Brian’s Engagement photos taken in the 12th South district of Nashville, TN.

Funny story about Brian: I (Dolly) have known Brian since my summer doing Mission work in China in 2007 where he was doing full-time teaching at a school in Xian. We were laughing yesterday because the last time we really hung out was when our group of friends went on a 10,000 mile hike (okay it wasn’t 10,000 miles…but it felt like it took FOREVER) in this forest reserve outside of Xian. While on the hike, we all discovered a hidden waterfall off the path/trail, and we all decided to have lunch right next to the water fall while sitting on a rock which looked like an ‘island’ because it was in the middle of this giant lake next to the waterfall! The funny part of this story blurb is, that was the last time I have ever taken pictures of Brian (because we all decided to do a “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” Photo Shoot-since we WERE in China!)  So it’s very cool to me that I had the blessing of getting to be a part of his and Hannah’s special day together! 

ANYWAY…here are their precious pictures! They were a very funny couple to work with, we laughed the whole time! Thank you Brian and Hannah for using Twelve16Photography for your Engagement photos! We hope you enjoy them!

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GOD bless! Love, Twelve16Photography 🙂

Twelve16Photography: Bridger & Beacon’s Brotherly Love Christmas Portrait Session

Twelve16Photography loved getting to work with Bridger (3 years old) and Beacon (1 week old) Burleson for their FIRST brother christmas portrait photo session! It is seriously such a blessing that I (Dolly) get to watch the Burleson family grow through the years! Thank you Nicoll & Justin for always using Twelve16Photography, and thank you again for always sharing your family’s moments with me and everyone else! You are godly and wonderful parents and your family of FOUR is going to be a blessing to everyone around you!

You all are loved! Happy Holidays! Love, Twelve16Photography 🙂

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Twelve16Photography: Ledingham Winter Maternity Session

Thank you Ledingham Family for using Twelve16Photography for your Maternity Session! Even though the session was in the freezing winter weather, you two had such a joyful and contagious spirit and it was so much fun getting to know you two & and your sweet dog!

May GOD richly bless you in this new chapter in life with your daughter in January!

Love, Twelve16Photography 🙂

Twelve16Photography: Couple Christmas Portrait Session featuring Adam & Lisa

Twelve16Photography would like to thank Lisa Cameron and her boyfriend, Adam, for using us for their Christmas Portraits this December! I (Dolly) had a blast working with them (ESP since they had a Bengal Kitty,Link, who was precious to work with)!

We hope you enjoy your Christmas Portraits! GOD bless and Merry Christmas!

Twelve16Photography: Joy To The World-A Christmas Portrait Session with The Sheahen Family

Thank you Sheahen Family for using Twelve16Photography for your Christmas portraits! I (Dolly) had a blast working with your family again! Lindsay and I love your family so much, and we are in prayer for you all in this adoption process for sweet Lulah.  READERS: To learn more about The Sheahen’s journey, please go to:

Happy Holidays! GOD bless!

Twelve16Photography: The Despot’s {Family Christmas Photos}

Thank you Shawn & Mitchell Despot for using Twelve16Photography for your Christmas photos! I (Dolly) loved working with you two (and your sweet kitty-cat Buster)! Twelve16Photography hopes you enjoy your photos! GOD bless!

Twelve16Photography: The Blair Family (of Four) Coming Soon!

Twelve16Photography had the blessing of getting to work with Reggie & Tina Blair two weeks ago in a baby reveal photo session! This was a very special session because this is going to be their first baby, and they wanted to use these pictures to send out to their family and friends as a way to surprise them (because they are expecting a baby next Summer of 2014)! I loved working with them, esp since I (Dolly) work with Reggie full-time at Lipscomb, so it was such a treat getting to talk with them and get to know them as a couple OUTSIDE of our area of work! {I love getting to know couples and families, and getting to know my co-worker and his wife’s story was fun!}

So we hope you enjoy your baby reveal pictures Blair family, and thank you again for using Twelve16Photography! We are praying for safety for you and Tina (and Rocko), and that you and your family have a blessed Holiday season!

GOD bless! Love, Twelve16Photography 🙂

twelve16photography: Pickin’ & Pies Benefit Concert {Love for Lulah}

The Sheahen family is a happy family of five (with a sixth on her way from Madagascar), who graciously allowed Twelve16Photography to capture their Pickin’ & Pies Benefit Concert event on Saturday November 9th (in Franklin) which raised money for their adoption of sweet Lulah from Madagascar.

In September 2012 The Sheahen family began the process of adopting a little girl from Madagascar. You can read more about their incredibly journey on their blog here:

To the Sheahen family: we are praying for you and your sons as God prepares your home and your hearts for this next chapter in life! It is very evident that you place God first in all that you do as a family, and this girl is going to not only be fiercely loved by her King, but she will know she is fiercely loved by your family! Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of such a special event! We hope you enjoy the pictures!